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At Tyllis, there are good opportunities for your personal and professional development. We are a company that believes in the future, our direction and our people.

Work isn’t everything in life. However, having a workplace you enjoy does improve your quality of life. The fact that our employees thrive and that both old and new talents choose to stay with us is, above all, due to an inclusive work community and rewarding tasks.

Maybe you also have a bright future at Tyllis?

You can thrive with a reliable employer

Tyllis is essentially a family business. This characterises our work and how we relate to each other. The people that founded this company wanted to design better transport solutions while creating a safe and good workplace. These are two goals we carry forward.

Job satisfaction makes for the best results. We believe that cooperation, where we complement each other with our respective strengths, helps the entire staff to thrive and develop.

  • We support our customers.
  • Our staff is our strength.
  • Profitability and efficiency shape our business.
  • We strive for continuous improvement and development.


We are always happy to have new talent join our team!

If you want a safe and pleasant workplace where your strengths are appreciated and developed, you will enjoy working with us. Fill in the form and attach your application and CV.


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