We offer crane trucks, trailers, truck bodies and more

Customise a transport solution to your needs

What’s the optimal transport solution for you?

A crane truck with extendable outriggers, a tipping trailer or a truck body with a fully openable side? Get in touch, and we’ll start working on your customised transport solution.

Drawbar trailers

Imagine a trailer that would make your work easier, and save time and money. If you have the vision, we have the skills to realise it.

Tyllis manufactures both open and enclosed trailers with specialised hydraulic and pneumatic solutions.

Crane trucks

With a good crane truck, you can always load and unload efficiently, whether your route takes you to a deserted construction site or a bustling warehouse. Our crane truck bodies are available with container locks, extendable stabilisers and hydraulic boat supports, among other features.

Truck bodies

We offer flatbed trailers, lifting roof trailers and truck bodies with side and rear tipping. Our product range also includes truck bodies with openable sides and other structures that make loading and unloading more efficient and easier.


Tyllis offers a wide range of high-quality semitrailers. Our in-house design and chassis production enables extensive customisation according to customer needs. We manufacture everything from step frame semitrailers to straight, customised and extendable semitrailers with various superstructures.

Our customers can choose from a variety of equipment and finishing options. Tyllis’s semitrailers are used after tractor units, with dollies and HCT combinations.


If you want a safe and durable link in your vehicle combination, a dolly from Tyllis is an excellent option. The height of the turntable can be adapted to your needs using different tyre and axle combinations.

The thoughtful design and robot-welded frame give you a robust dolly that can withstand heavy wear and tear.

Centre-axle trailers

Our centre-axle trailers have a wide range of applications. They are available with keel pockets, low flatbeds, curtain sides and extendable front and rear beams.

Design your unique transport solution

There is a shortcut. Many obstacles and steps that can make daily work in the transport industry cumbersome, time-consuming or difficult can be overcome with smart, practical solutions.

When choosing Tyllis, you can customise everything from the basic design of the transport solution to complementary additions such as accessory boxes and equipment for smooth load securing.